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What is body stress?

Body Stress is a term that refers to any tension that is stored in a physical structure, which the body has not managed to release. Sites of body stress are not visible on X-Ray. They are accurately detected only by carrying out precise stress tests, using the body as a biofeedback mechanism. This means that the automatic responses of the body provide the necessary information.”

Body stress occurs when we overload our bodies with stress, whether it is mechanical/physical, chemical or mental/emotional.

Although stress is necessary and critical in our lives as it determines how we respond to life threatening situations, it can also inhibit our abilities as we fail to balance those stresses. This causes the natural protection mechanism of the body, our reflex reaction, to protect us, which causes body stress to lock instantly and automatically into physical structures, manifesting as a line of tension over a muscle, tendon, ligament, cartilage or any body tissue. 

Image of body and stress that can cause pain in foot, neck, wrist, calf, head, shoulders lower back etc.When the point of stress overload is reached, instead of the stress being released from the body, it becomes stored as "body stress". As we differ in our emotional and physical makeup, we have varying degrees of susceptibility to stress overload.

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