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  1. Simon Green

    I have several athletes, in my practice who benefit from regular sessions of BSR as part of their regular training, for a variety of reasons including; de-stressing tension in the lower back, to aid recovery from injury; after hard training to prevent any stress occurring, etc. They all report the benefits, there is even a golfer who says “a session of BSR is worth about 5 stokes off my handicap!”

    • Kathy Heapy

      Thank you for your valuable feedback Simon! We have found many sportspeople benefitting from BSR – especially with ongoing regular maintenance sessions.

  2. Sarah Davies

    Yes! I have golfers who call me their “secret weapon!”. What I find interesting about golfers is they all say their game starts off well but half way through it falls apart! It makes sense if you think of the mechanics: The repetitive swing (twisting) irritates existing areas of stress in the lower back and the body responds by tightening up the longer muscles (the trapezius), which tightens the shoulders (and so their swing and game falls to pieces). Once they release all the underying tensions in the spine and stay with a BSR maintenance programme this problem just disappears!


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