Body Stress Release

Unlocking tension - Restoring self-healing

Why Body Stress Release?
Body Stress Release is a safe, natural technique which is suitable for everyone, from infants to the elderly. It prompts the body to naturally heal itself by releasing accumulated body stress.

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What is Body Stress Release?

Listen to Your Body…

The Body Stress Release technique is built on the premise of using the body as highly sophisticated biofeedback system. The practitioner interprets the body’s reflex response to accurately ascertain sites of stored tension and muscle contraction. Once the source of the body stress has been identified, the practitioner performs the release with a series of gentle precise movements that stimulate the nervous system and activate the body’s self healing response.

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“Body Stress Release allowed me to reclaim the healthy, active and pain-free life that I deserve. After years of suffering from debilitating pain, I am now a fit and healthy individual who loves exercise and physical activity.”

Life-Changing : Body Stress Release and Love

My journey to BSR and South Africa had some amazing effects on myself and my family. The story of my youngest daughter Gudrun is even exceptionally beautiful. She suffered from Anorexia for years…Hereby you’ll find her testimonial. So precious! It makes me cry every...

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BSR for Babies

A common sign that a baby has body stress in the neck is constant crying for no apparent reason. When body stress is present in the lower back the baby will cry when the hips are lifted while the nappy is being changed. The impact on the nervous system may cause...

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Dealing with Headache

Headache is your body’s way of warning you that all is not well. The agony of a fierce headache is something that most people would prefer to avoid. But if you do fall victim to this malady, what can you do to remedy the situation?

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Body Stress Release Testimonials

Stories from real clients about their BSR experience

I’ve battled with migraine headaches most of my adult life and tried various treatments from physiotherapy, acupuncture, prescription drugs etc., all of which only gave me a certain amount of relief.

Some years ago, BSR was recommended to me and I am happy and thankful to say that since going for a series of sessions and continuing with a maintenance plan I now hardly ever have a migraine headache.


Personal Assistant

I had the most incredible pains in both shoulders going down my arms to my elbows. A friend who had been to Theresa for BSR told me how she had helped her.  I was very sceptical at first but decided to give it a try. 

She started working on me and, after she had finished, she asked me how I felt.  I could not believe the fact that I had absolutely no pain in either of my shoulders!  I was totally converted!!

I have been going to Theresa now for about 2 years and to this day I have remained pain free.  I cannot thank her enough for helping me and I have recommended her to so many of my golfing friends.



Hi my name is Terry Murphy and my journey with BSR started when I lost all hope of ever being pain free again. A few years back I picked up my rabbits hutch and ended up herniating my 3 lower spine discs. I went to doctors, physiotherapists’ and chiropractors’, all of which made it worse. It was so painful; I couldn’t sit, stand or lie down. If I walked I would have spasms in my glutes so painful, it took my breath away. I had no quality of life and at one point felt quite suicidal.

A friend suggested BSR and I was quite sceptical, but thought what worse could happen. In my first session, I couldn’t even bend slightly forward without agonizing pain. Well what a pleasant surprise, Ingeborg has “magic hands “, not only was I super relaxed, that night I slept like a baby.

Fast forward a few sessions later and I was walking, sitting and lying down, pain free. I have life again. I went on to become a Group Exercise & Spinning Instructor. I tell everyone I know, if it worked for me who couldn’t move without electric shocks going down my legs, to now teaching spinning etc., it will work for everyone. Ingeborg also drew my attention to stress in a certain region, which was confirmed by my gynae who removed an ovarian cyst.

Terry Murphy

Spinning Instructor

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