Body Stress Release Results

The numerous benefits of Body Stress Release

Body Stress Release clients indicate that they experience less pain, and more mobility after Body Stress Release sessions.

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The Benefits of Body Stress Release

After the Releases

As pressure is released from the nerves, the client may experience immediate relief from both pain and muscle stiffness, and even correction of distorted posture. Usually this is the case if the body stress has occurred recently – then the recovery process is very rapid and the muscle tone and equilibrium is quickly re-established.

However, if the body stress has been present for a long time, it will be necessary for a number of consecutive releases to be carried out over a period of time, thus allowing the layers of tightened muscles to progressively relax back to their normal tone.


With reduced nerve compression, there is often almost immediate improvement in communication, which in turn could result in improved organ function. Clients often report that certain conditions that they had not mentioned have cleared up, such as constipation, bladder problems, indigestion, heartburn etc. Usually the physical changes are accompanied by an increased emotional well-being.

As the muscles lock up in layers, like a protective corset, the body’s energy is diverted into holding the muscles in the defensive mode, often resulting in constant tiredness. As the body stress is released, the muscles resume their normal supportive role and more energy is available for living.


After a release, when pressure is released from nerve pathways, there may be a temporary increase in pain as sensation is restored to partially numbed nerves. This is not always an indication of crisis but rather a sign of reconnection. As the healing progresses, the irritation to the nerve drops below its firing point and there is the wonderful sense of pain receding. However, while the release process is on-going, if a client does something that triggers tension or stress (such as lifting something heavy or slouching on a soft couch and putting pressure on the back) the stress will quickly irritate the nerves back up to firing point, causing pain to return. If one avoids the stressful action, it allows the nerve irritability to once again drop below threshold level and pain to recede. This is why it is essential to allow the body time to complete its healing cycle, before challenging it with stressful activities.


As the energy flow and communication is restored, some people may initially experience sensations of tingling or warmth. In certain cases there may be increased pain for a short time, as feeling is restored to numbed nerves. This is a healing pain as areas which had decreased sensation, may restore normal functioning and nerve regulation.

After the releases a person may feel an area stiffen slightly and temporarily as the body’s wisdom is directing the surface muscles to tighten, in order to restrict mobility and allow for the underlying structures to heal and repair. This way there is minimal irritation to the underlying tissues during their healing process.  A coming and going of pain and stiffness is a very normal part of the recovery process.

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