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Body Stress Release United Kingdom

Body Stress Release first arrived in the UK in 1993 when Peter van Minnen relocated here from South Africa and set up his practice in Westerham, Kent and then later at Neals Yard in London. The following year two more excited students headed off to South Africa to do the course and by 1998 there were five practitioners – Tracy Highton, Val Coetzee, Davie Flannagan, Paul Masureik and Peter of course.

In 1999 plans were hatched to establish an association and in 2000 the BSRA(UK) was formed. We are very proud that four of the five original practitioners are still in full time practice.

To begin with the group of five held workshops and AGM meetings at each other’s homes but, as the number of practitioners slowly increased, outside venues were found to host the three annual workshops and the AGM.

The Association continues to be active in supporting its members holding our AGM and two workshops each year. We all find it stimulating being amongst like-minded colleagues and sharing our experiences and there is always an incredible sense of family when we get together.

This year we held a combined workshop and AGM for the first time which went down very well with all the members. We try to vary the locations of the workshops to ensure that everyone can attend at least one workshop a year to meet their Continued Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

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All members of the BSRA (UK) are also members of the British Complementary Medical Association and we work closely with them to ensure that practitioners are kept informed about current legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which has recently come into force in Europe.

We have also been proactive in working to present a professional image for Body Stress Release in the UK and beyond, for example producing three full-colour leaflets which are now used in a number of countries, designing letterhead and business/appointment card templates for practitioners and working closely with the South African and Dutch Associations to develop a global brand.

As awareness increases amongst the general public of the benefits of complementary health techniques, and our client’s success stories are spread by word of mouth, Body Stress Release is gradually growing in the UK. We currently have practitioners in Berkshire, Bristol, Cheshire, Dorset, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, London, Scotland, Surrey, Sussex, West Midlands, Wiltshire and Yorkshire.

Our desire is to continue to raise awareness of Body Stress Release amongst the public and grow the number of practitioners in the UK as there are so many people who will really benefit from Body Stress Release.

Having the Body Stress Release Academy Europe based in Dorset has already helped grow our numbers in the last few years and we are confident that this will continue long into the future.

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Body Stress Release South Africa

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