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Body Stress Release Netherlands

The Dutch Body Stress Release Association was founded in the year 2000 by the first Dutch practitioners: Marijke van Driel, Koos van Ravesteijn and Ilona Karsemeijer. Body Stress Release has grown impressively, particularly during the last decade.

Because of the amazing results, more and more Dutch pioneers bravely went on the journey to the BSR Academy in South Africa. Away from their family and loved ones for half a year, they started the exciting process of becoming a Body Stress Release practitioner. Their high level of motivation and dedication were a result of their own personal experiences with this wonderful technique.

The Netherlands currently has more than 130 practising BSR practitioners countrywide and that number is still increasing. Every year a maximum of 12 new students go to South Africa (or in recent years also to Academy Europe in England), to learn this very effective and life-changing technique. The modality is becoming increasingly known to the Dutch public and to other health services. Some health insurances will even cover Body Stress Release.

The Dutch Association is working hard to  establish BSR into the health industry. Gradually BSR is becoming well-known, mostly from the word being spread by the many enthusiastic clients who have experienced the benefits of Body Stress Release. Practices are located from north to south and from east to west.

Some practitioners work from home or have multi room practices and others are located in health centres, business centres etc.

The Netherlands Association’s goal is for BSR practices to spread throughout the whole country and grow in number. “To go to Body Stress Release to have stored tension unlocked should become a familiar experience for many “Dutchies”, says the Chairman of the Netherlands Association.

The Body Stress Release Association Nederland continually searches for ways for all practitioners of the technique to become registered as an official health service and be recognized by the government and the health insurances. Because the technique has no roots in Holland and Europe it is a harder path to walk to become seen and acknowledged. But everything is possible!  The Netherlands Association has this dream and it is already happening.

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