A Career in Body Stress Release

Become a BSR Practitioner

BSR offers a fulfilling, highly rewarding and satisfying career as well as the freedom to run your own practice. This technique not only enhances the well-being of others but also provides the practitioner with independence and the means to earn a good living.

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A Career as a BSR Practitioner

If you are searching for a meaningful and rewarding career and you have the drive and motivation to set up your own business, then studying Body Stress Release is definitely something to consider. What qualities do you need to become a BSR practitioner?

  • You should have the desire to work with others and the confidence and empathy to relate to people from all walks of life.
  • You’ll need the maturity to deal with people across all levels of health (some who are in great pain).
  • You should have a desire to improve the health and well-being of others.
  • And you should have the drive, ambition and means to set up and run your own business.

Watch this video, for further info on the Body Stress Release Academy and an interview with Gail Meggersee one of the co-founders of the technique.


BSR Course dates:

May – Sep: Body Stress Release Academy – Rondevlei, Garden Route, Western Cape, South Africa Nov – Mar: Body Stress Release Academy – Europe, Greenwood Grange, Dorchester, Dorset, England

Structure and overview:

The BSR training is a full-time residential course. The curriculum is structured to impart both the practical and theoretical aspects of the technique and covers anatomy, principles and philosophy of Body Stress Release (BSR), the BSR technique, communication, client management and practice marketing.

  • The classes are interactive and class sizes are limited. The training incorporates on-going practical group work with one-to-one supervision where needed. Students are encouraged to work together outside of the classroom to practice the technique and review theory.
  • In South Africa the course duration is 21 weeks, which includes a 3-week apprenticeship.
  • In the United Kingdom the course duration is 16 weeks (with longer days) including a 2-week apprenticeship.



Students are required to pass examinations on the different course elements including: Anatomy, Technique Theory, Principles, Client Management and a final Technique Practical exam. On successful completion of the practical apprenticeship programme, students graduate and are presented with their BSR Academy Certificate and professional name-plate. Body Stress Release is a proprietary technique and is therefore only taught by the Body Stress Release Academies in SA and the UK and is not accredited by any state or other academic authority in terms of providing credits towards further study. Certification to practise the technique is granted by the Body Stress Release Associations that members belong to.


The South African Body Stress Release Association is a member of the Confederation of Complementary Health Associations of South Africa (COCHASA). As well as offering regular workshops for practitioners, the BSR Association SA organises an annual three-day conference which is attended by practitioners from all over the world.

The Body Stress Release Association (UK) is a member of the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA) and is recognised by the Guild of Complementary Practitioners. Regular workshops and an annual AGM are held in the UK.

The BSR Associatie Nederland is recognised by a number of Dutch health insurance companies and the BSR course is accredited in Holland by KTNO, on HBO level for 105 ECTS. The BSR Associatie Nederland maintains a close relationship with both the South African Body Stress Release Association and the Body Stress Release Association (UK). It represents practitioners based in the Netherlands (including Curaçao and Bonaire).

The International Body Stress Release Association is the association for practitioners in those regions that do not have national BSR associations.

In most regions, BSR is a self-regulating profession with the relevant Association certifying practitioners and providing continuing educational workshops in each region. All certified BSR practitioners are members of these Associations and are governed by the BSR Constitution. This ensures that professional levels of practice are maintained with defined standards of conduct, practice and ethics, and disciplinary powers resting with these Associations.


Prospective students must have, as a minimum, a valid (school-leaving) matriculation certificate (Grade 12) or equivalent (A level in UK, HBO in the Netherlands, or equivalent) and must be 25 years of age or older.

BSR practitioners deal with people in varying states of health, both physical and emotional, so it’s really important that applicants have both the confidence and empathy to relate effectively to people from all walks of life. Applicants should have the drive and ambition and the means to set up and run their own business.
All practitioners are encouraged to actively promote the growth of Body Stress Release and are required to be committed members of their local BSR Association. It is of course essential that all prospective students experience the benefits of BSR before applying to do the course.

For more info on becoming a BSR practitioner:
South African Academy: academy@bodystressrelease.co.za

European Academy: training@bodystressrelease.co.uk

Facebook: BodyStressReleaseAcademy

How Can I Get Involved in Body Stress Release Outreach Programs?

If you’re eager to get involved in Body Stress Release outreach, there are various opportunities to consider. You can volunteer at local events to spread awareness about the benefits of BSR, or you can reach out to BSR practitioners to see if they have any outreach programs you can join.


“As one of the two co-founders of Body Stress Release, I have been training practitioners for the past 25 years at the BSR Academy in South Africa. The students, from 20 different countries, have represented a wide variety of backgrounds and ages. I appreciate the commitment they have shown in giving up successful positions in a wide range of careers in order to pursue a new career in Body Stress Release. It is a profoundly fulfilling experience for me, guiding the development of the students’ skill and knowledge, as well as seeing them undergoing a process of personal growth. My greatest satisfaction is in knowing that, as practitioners, they will make a powerful contribution to the upgrading of their clients’ health and well-being.”

The opening of the Body Stress Release Academy Europe has fulfilled a clear need for the training of more practitioners, as each year the South African Academy receives far more applications than it can accommodate. This has enabled Body Stress Release health care to be available to more people, in more countries.”


Gail Meggersee

BSR Co-Founder

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