Recovering With Body Stress Release for a hernia

Introduction to Body Stress Release

BSR is a non-therapeutic complementary health technique based on the principle that the body can heal itself. We identify lines of tension and release them. We don’t diagnose or treat conditions. We don’t do massage, prescribe medication, manipulate limbs or work with machines. The information below is drawn from reports given by the client on his/her BSR experience.

Client Information

Date of case study:





Age in months (infants):



Case Study Information

Body zone:

Most important point:


Most important point description:

Client was diagnosed with a hernia in the lower back affecting the left side of the body. Client also suffer from numbness in the left foot

Other symptoms:

The client is constantly cold and tired. And often suffers from skin irritations when stressed

Additional information:

Clients partner suffers from chronic stress and depression and needs additional care Mom passed a way in 2020 Had a traumatic youth

Impact on life:

Client likes to hike but due to pain and numbness in the foot it is not possible. Lack of energy and pain the client has with drawn from social activities.

Changes to symptoms:

1st release: more discomfort in the lower back, restless legs worse at night . Can feel a tiny sensation in the left foot. Emotionally felt angry towards mom 2nd release:: legs feel heavy with referred pain to the groin and quads. Some discomfort in the neck and shoulders. Emotionally cried a lot over loss of mom 3rd release: can feel the body responding to BSR, lower back pain moved from left to right. neck area still sensitive with a light headache. Going better with the sleep apnea 8th release: lower back is better, sensitivity over left bum and legs feel heavy but not sore. Left foot is tingling continuously. 15th release: lower back is slowly improving need to take note of certain movements. Struggled with a lot of headaches the last few weeks 20th release: lower back is tight but no pain and left hamstring cramp sometimes. Numbness in left foot comes and goes. Sleeping a lot at the moment. Emotionally more calm and relaxed, have energy to do things again.

Client comments:

Other comments:

Client struggles to get her sugar levels under control