Introduction to Body Stress Release

BSR is a non-therapeutic complementary health technique based on the principle that the body can heal itself. We identify lines of tension and release them. We don’t diagnose or treat conditions. We don’t do massage, prescribe medication, manipulate limbs or work with machines. The information below is drawn from reports given by the client on his/her BSR experience.

Client Information

Date of case study:






Age in months (infants):



Case Study Information

Body zone:

Most important point:

Back pain

Most important point description:

The client first presented with lower back pain which was referring down the right leg on the 10th Dec 1997.

Other symptoms:

He was experiencing extreme stiffness in the lower back.

Additional information:

The client had been having chiropractic manipulations daily, acupuncture and physiotherapy for a few weeks prior to coming to me for BSR. Surgery had been advised and this was booked for January 1998. He recovered fully after 3 sessions over 2 weeks, with a 4th session in the 4th week. Since then the client has had regular monthly maintenance sessions every month for the last 26 years. Apart from the occasional twisted ankle, shoulder discomfort, right elbow discomfort and mild symptoms from physical activity, he is in peak condition and relies on BSR to help him maintain good health.

Impact on life:

Changes to symptoms:

He recovered fully after 3 sessions over 2 weeks, with a 4th session in the 4th week.

Client comments:

Regular maintenance sessions for the last 26 years have been a necessary part of his health maintenance.

Other comments: