Neck Pain

Introduction to Body Stress Release

BSR is a non-therapeutic complementary health technique based on the principle that the body can heal itself. We identify lines of tension and release them. We don’t diagnose or treat conditions. We don’t do massage, prescribe medication, manipulate limbs or work with machines. The information below is drawn from reports given by the client on his/her BSR experience.

Client Information

Date of case study:






Age in months (infants):



Case Study Information

Body zone:

Most important point:

Neck pain

Most important point description:

The client presented with a very painful spasm on the left side of her neck which was referring down into the left trapezius.

Other symptoms:

She had no headache, but was experiencing stiffness and discomfort in the Jaw

Additional information:

She leads an extremely busy life with a lot of international travel.

Impact on life:

She was suffering from extreme pain, and not sleeping as a result

Changes to symptoms:

The spasm in the neck freed up after the 1st release. She felt a huge improvement after the 2nd release which was done just one day after the first, because the client was travelling overseas the next day

Client comments:

She feels gratitude that I always have time for her

Other comments:

The client has become a very regular client and sees me whenever she is in Cape Town, sometimes 3 or 4 times in a week in between trips.