Piriformis Syndrome

Introduction to Body Stress Release

BSR is a non-therapeutic complementary health technique based on the principle that the body can heal itself. We identify lines of tension and release them. We don’t diagnose or treat conditions. We don’t do massage, prescribe medication, manipulate limbs or work with machines. The information below is drawn from reports given by the client on his/her BSR experience.

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Case Study Information

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Most important point description:

The client developed piriformis syndrome on the right after a hernia operation on L5 and L4 lumbar vertebrae.

Other symptoms:

With hernia she experienced referred pain down the right leg which affected the way she walked and sat. She also struggled with digestive issues and sometimes with limited bladder control.

Additional information:

Impact on life:

The pain and discomfort she experienced impacted on the way she walked and sat. She also had to deal with digestive issues and limited bladder control at times which impacted hugely on her quality of life.

Changes to symptoms:

1st session: the client felt sensitive to touch over the lower back and glutes 2nd session: the client experienced a burning/warm sensation in the lower back and slightly to the bum but the back felt a bit more loose 3rd session: sitting is easier and the client still has the warm sensation in the lower back and bum but less intense 6th session: the client experienced no pain only stiffness/tightness in the lower back. She needs to be aware of her posture while doing stuff as the body is still fragile 10th session: she could feel the piriformis after a full day but not as intense. Sitting and walking is more comfortable and she can almost do everything in moderation

Client comments:

The quality of life is slowly improving and it is nice to be able to do the things she enjoys

Other comments:

The physio diagnosed the piriformis syndrome and has given her stretch exercises to relieve the tension in the glute muscle.