Slipped Disc

Introduction to Body Stress Release

BSR is a non-therapeutic complementary health technique based on the principle that the body can heal itself. We identify lines of tension and release them. We don’t diagnose or treat conditions. We don’t do massage, prescribe medication, manipulate limbs or work with machines. The information below is drawn from reports given by the client on his/her BSR experience.

Client Information

Date of case study:





Age in months (infants):


Sport Coach

Case Study Information

Body zone:

Most important point:

Neck pain

Most important point description:

The client was diagnosed with L5/S1 disc prolapse and was booked to have surgery the following week. Symptoms experienced were a numb right leg, cramping in the calf muscle and paraesthesia in the right foot. The client was also experiencing extreme stiffness in the lower back

Other symptoms:

Additional information:

The client had never had this before

Impact on life:

The client was anxious about the effect on his career, understandably.

Changes to symptoms:

The client reported that there was less stiffness in the lower back and no cramping in the calf muscles. He was able to resume coaching, being careful and pacing himself.

Client comments:

The client was feeling much better and more positive. He consulted another orthopedic surgeon for a second opinion who advised him not to have the operation. Since then, he and his wife have had two kids and were guided about the biomechanical stresses of parenting young kids.

Other comments:

Having a BSR session was almost a last resort before surgery