A woman in her seventies had x-rays taken which showed advanced osteoarthritis of the spine – regeneration of the vertebrae with many osteophytes – bony outgrowths, especially in the neck region. She had been in constant, increasing pain over the years. After two sessions of BSR, her neck was more mobile and she was free of pain. It had been assumed that the osteophytes had been encroaching on the spinal nerves. However, the fact that the pain withdrew after the releases showed that in this case the bony spurs were not exerting pressure on the nerves. The pain was caused by the compression effect of the tension stored in the back structures. 

Older people often blame pain and malfunction on ageing, and learn to ‘live with’ their problems.  When they talk about being too old to expect any improvement, they need to be reminded that, just as a cut on the skin heals itself, no matter the age of the person, the healing process remains active throughout the body.  

(An excerpt from BSR Founder Gail Meggersee’s book:  Body Stress Release, Unlocking tension – Restoring self-healing)

I love BSR!

Sally (39) is the adept co-ordinator at a health centre and has become invaluable to a team of four health practitioners over time, managing their diaries, answering calls and mixing homeopathic remedies.

When Sally was asked what Body Stress Release has meant to her, this was her response:

“My name is Sally and I have been working with a BSR practitioner for seven years now. It was the first time I had ever heard of the technique, and I have had an amazing journey so far with BSR. I was born with only one kidney (fondly referred to as “Mavis”) which is located on my right side, and function was sluggish. The first time I experienced BSR, I was completely shocked. I had nausea, felt weak and couldn’t continue my day because of all the toxins releasing which I had been carrying for the past couple of years. It was a shock to my body and I was feeling it. BSR assisted with “Mavis”, improved my digestive system (previously my bowel movement was only every 4 – 5 days). That is a thing of the past, thanks to BSR. It has also assisted with headaches, and a ‘pronounced kyphotic curve’ which has improved over time with all the posture tips shared with me by my practitioner.

BSR is MAGIC. It has changed my life completely. I love it love it love it! It has also taught me to appreciate my body more and to “rest and repair” when necessary 😊

I brought my youngest daughter for BSR as she was struggling with a spasm in her neck, and the day thereafter her neck was practically back to normal. Recently when she was at school another child fell and she told the teacher to “take her for BSR”. My Dad Washington from Zimbabwe arranges to come for a BSR session as soon as he arrives in SA.

Just today, I had my beautiful session and I fell asleep afterwards at my desk during my lunch break. I am feeling more energised, light and above all, Happy.

I love BSR and I recommend it to everyone. It has really helped me with lots of health challenges and it has energized me a lot.”

NOTE: Despite the gentleness of BSR, clients may experience temporary sensitivity of varying degrees as part of the healing process as the body goes through adaptations after BSR sessions.

I feel like a million bucks!

As promised – we are back from France and I feel like a million bucks!

“My story started 2 years and 3 months ago. I broke my back in a horse riding accident – vertebra L4 was completely crushed with extensive damage to S1, as well as damage to the nerves in that area. The doctor said it was very serious and that my body aged by 20 years. At that time, I thought “everything will be just fine”.

It was not – I was in pain every day. Everyone told me it will take up to 18 months to completely recover. After 12 months depression set in – I was constantly sore, I didn’t exercise anymore, my horse riding reduced to short, 20 minute sessions, once a week. I was drained of all energy – physically and emotionally.  On average I was taking 5 pain killers per day. I tried numerous physiotherapy treatments, back exercises, yoga moves etc.

Then a colleague told me about Body Stress Release. Initially I did not give it a second thought. What I had was much more serious than stress!  But one day the constant pain became too much, and I made an appointment with a Body Stress Release Practitioner near me.

That was three months ago.

I have a new lease on life! I still have some pain sometimes, but my physical and emotional energy improved substantially. Body Stress Release taught me to appreciate and look after my body, allowing it to heal itself: how to be aware of my posture – how I sit, how to lift heavy objects, my position whilst driving, etc. I just returned from a 14-day (vacation) road trip and have a very broad smile on my face – no painkillers during this whole time!  Wow!

I am eternally grateful to Body Stress Release and thank God every day for this intense breakthrough in my life.

Everything is going to be fine …

Melanie van Vuuren


South Africa

BSR Outreach Programme Update

We are often asked why we do Outreach work with children that are differently abled, not because the person thinks it could be better utilised elsewhere, but because they themselves can’t believe a group of people, especially a group of qualified Body Stress Release Practitioners could give back to the rural and previously disadvantaged communities of Southern Africa in the way the Body Stress Release community has given back in the last year.
In May 2018 two BSR practitioners embarked on a trip to Zambia for three weeks to work on 100 children in one of the more outlying rural areas. Since then the group of 100 children have been visited on two more occasions, the last time being March 2019. On their return the practitioners noted the remarkable “shift” in the children’s emotional well-being. It was as if the children instinctively knew that what the practitioners did on the previous visits was helping them, and they felt better for having had their BSR sessions.
Since the practitioners’ previous visit to the children, they received word that two of the children had started to walk and another 12 children who were previously unable to attend school because of their mental or physical disabilities, were now able to attend School.
We feel proud and honoured to be a part of a community of Body Stress Release Practitioners that has the utter conviction that people, regardless of their economic standing, need to receive Body Stress Release. Helping the body to function and heal effectively shouldn’t just be for people that can afford the services.
BSR Outreach Programmes currently offer our services to the children at Sherwood Park Special Care Centre in Manenberg, Western Cape, KhweziLokusa Boarding School in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, June Nicolls School in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, United Cerebral Palsy Association of South Africa in Townsview, Gauteng and the children in Mfuwe, Zambia.
Currently our Programmes are self-funded by the love and passion our Body Stress Release Practitioners have for their profession.

Written by Suré Tredoux – Founder of Precious Pebbles Foundation

Willow’s Story

In the beginning of 2018 my 3-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, as I regularly go for Body stress release I mentioned this to my practitioner. He suggested that we try some BSR to see if it will help her.
As life happens, I did not manage to take her, she had to get a small operation as well. By June we were back in Hospital as she tore a small muscle in her and was diagnosed with Femoral Anteversion (Kissing-Knee Syndrome). This meant that her right foot turned in completely when walking and caused her to trip over her foot all the time.

We started with BSR, after the first 2 sessions I already started to notice a change in her. She started realising when she got cold or hot. She could even tell me that some materials and bedding was bothering her skin. Previously she would just cry and not know why. Now she was able to explain what she was feeling and why she was crying.

We continued with BSR every second week, within the first 2 months her foot starting straightening and she was not tripping over her foot so much. The difference in my child with regular BSR vs no BSR is amazing. She is calmer, able to express what she is feeling on her skin and able to walk and run better.

As an adult I have always know the benefits of BSR but I did not know what a huge impact it would have on my daughter’s quality of life.

She is now 4 and we will continue with BSR to improve her movement and ability to understand what her body is feeling.


Sophie’s Story

At the age of 36, I all of a sudden found myself in complete body chaos: I sat in a sauna and moved down to a lower bench when out of nowhere my lower back locked up and I felt unbearable nerve pain down my left leg. It did not ease over the next days and my situation became worse and worse. I could not sit, walk, sleep, use the bathroom, put on my own trousers. I found myself exhausted. On top of it all I was 9 weeks pregnant. There was nothing else to do then to go to the hospital where a severe L5-S1 hernia was diagnosed. The time at the hospital, because of my pregnancy, was a hell. Orthopedists were arguing with gynecologists about what could and could not be done for me. They agreed on epidural and “soft” pain killers, not causing damage to the fetus. After 2 weeks on these, gynecologists and pain experts, came in and told they could not guarantee the baby would be ok. They thought I should consider abortion.  I thought I was dying! First they told medication was ok for the fetus, 2 weeks later after given me all of this, they come in and tell I should consider abortion. My physical state had NOT improved, my heart BROKE, my soul turned INSIDE OUT; UPSIDE DOWN. But we took the decision to have this baby taken away from us. My body was broken, the baby was maybe not going to be ok, and I was still breastfeeding my 1,5 year old. It all was too overwhelming. Emotional and physically empty, full of sorrow, guilt and so much tears, we went home the day after the abortion. My hands full of heavy medication that could start help me get better physically.  I took the medication 2 days and decided I’d rather feel the pain over the strange side effects of those chemicals. Yes, the pain was gone from the moment I took them, but I had to face dizziness, stomach sickness. I got very angry and went to see BSR practitioners from the moment I could sit more than 2 hours in a row. I live in Sweden, and I went to Holland. The BSR treatments were eye opening. Just so unbelievable helpful. First of all, I was given a good explanation on how the body builds in tension which can lead to herniated discs. And the treatment itself felt like exactly the thing my back needed and wanted. I received several releases, which was a roller-coaster of both things improving and sometimes getting worse. But I felt things happening in my body as never before, and I felt improvement. After 5 months I was fully healed. Not only the hernia had healed, I found myself with freed from headaches, sleeping arms in the nights, lockups in my Lower back. I did not feel menstruation pain, or abdominal cramping. It was and still is just too good to be true. But very true! I am now a BSR practitioner myself, and see great results with my own clients, coming to me with similar and other kinds of problems. The only thing that remains tough, is the loss of my baby… What if I had had access to BSR… I would be having the most wonderful child in my arms, instead of a traumatic scar in my soul. My recommendation is to get yourself, family, friends AND children/teenagers to have BSR! It is truly only enormously beneficial in many ways.

~ Submitted by Sophie Stamper