I was born in 1962 in Rotterdam (Holland) and after studying Pedagogics I went working as a teacher in 1985.

After working 28 years as a teacher, from which the last 10 years as a Director of a school for mentally handicapped children. In April 2013 I stopped working at the school and I chose to study BSR in South Africa in 2013. In October that year I started my own BSR practice in Barendrecht (close to Rotterdam), sharing the same address as my wife Agata, who had qualified as a BSR Practitioner in 2010. In 2016 we decided to emigrate to Poland. Our 2 children, grand-children and my family weren’t very enthusiastic, but we succeeded in following our hearts. In August 2017 we emigrated to Poland. Initially we lived in Torun in an apartment. Mountain people (named Górale) built our wooden house on a small hill in 4 months. That was our dream, to live in Nature, in a wooden house and to introduce BSR in Poland – and we fulfilled it! In September 2018 our home was finished.

Now it is 2024 and we live already 5 years in it. We were the Pioneers of BSR in Poland. Natalia Kiedos had studied BSR in England in 2020, so she is the third person in Poland, and lives most of the time in Bordeaux (France) and in summer in Słupsk (Poland). You can look on our Polish BSR website www.zurawij.pl and translate it easy in the language you want.

In 2020 Covid also was in Poland. Clients couldn’t come to us. So we decided in May 2021 to rent the upper part of our house for tourists via websites such as Booking.com or Slowhop.com. Many people and families came/come and stay with us at our bed and breakfast named ZURAWI JAR in Polish, and in English it’s called CRANE-BIRD VALLEY. Type in Google ZURAWI JAR and you will find us.

In February 2022 Russia started the war in Ukraine. We live 500 km from the Ukrainian/Polish border and 1000 km from Kiev. From February 2022 millions of refugees crossed the borders of Poland to flee from the violence in the eastern regions of Ukraine. From February till May 2022 we gave many BSR releases to many refugees 3 times a week in the sport-stadium of Wabrzezno, in our town. Mothers and children were very traumatised, and the releases were fantastic for them. The men stayed at home to fight for their freedom. Although initially we gifted these sessions from the heart, our colleagues from around the world heard of our outreach, and a fund was set up, which many practitioners contributed towards.  We were so grateful for the emotional and financial support, and found it so uplifting.  A powerful reminder that Body Stress Release as a technique is heart-centred, and that we as practitioners are connected around the world.