A Practitioner was overjoyed to receive this note from one of their client’s parents this week:

“Hi there, I just wanted to thank you for enabling my daughter to achieving great results in Grade 12. She got 5 A’s and an overall A aggregate. So proud of her and thankful to God. Do have a blessed 2022. 🤗”

How wonderful that Body Stress Release appears to have played a pivotal role in this young girl’s crucial last year of schooling. These days the emotional demands on teenagers are immense – achievement at school, peer pressure to measure up, hormonal surges. At this time a child’s budding self-esteem may be easily eroded. As they approach puberty, children often become more self-conscious, and may develop poor posture. Hunched shoulders, a contracted chest, and a downward tilted head occur as a defensive mechanism against the new challenges and stresses of the teenage years – muscles tighten and tension becomes locked into the body.

As a practitioner it is so incredibly rewarding walking alongside students through all the different stages and ages – especially when they see the value of continuing with BSR during their varsity years and subsequent careers.

May we take this opportunity to congratulate all BSR matric clients of 2021 on their wonderful achievement and wish them well with all their future endeavors – remember to continue to reach for the stars!

(An extract from Gail Meggersee’s book Self-healing with Body Stress Release Unlocking stored tension has been used in this post).