A 72yr old lady first came for BSR in January with a long list of complaints: limited mobility in her shoulder, a constant dull ache in her lower back, a very painful knee (after a knee replacement 6 months prior), severe cramp in her calves, and a painful calf muscle. She was also extremely stressed taking care of her incapacitated husband. She experienced a dull headache after her first release but reported improved mobility in her shoulder and less back ache. The cramp in her calves was more severe but her calf muscle pain had improved. After her 2nd release, everything had further improved, including her sore knee. The cramp and muscle pain in her calf had completely subsided. When she came a month later she was happy to report she was sleeping very well; her only complaints were a very sore knee and a little cramp. When she returned a week later, she said her knee felt much better and the cramp was gone. She comes for BSR once a month and her last report to me via whatsapp was that she was finally pain free in her knee. Body Stress Release is not a quick fix, but rather an effective, lasting healing process.

~ Submitted by Tanya Stott