As BSR practitioners, we especially enjoy witnessing how this gentle, non-invasive technique can truly enhance a student’s sense of well-being and positively affect their performance during crucial exam times, and especially during their final matric year.

This testimonial below encompasses it all:

“Highschool was a difficult time for me; between the stresses of shifting friendships and the concerns of a financially struggling home life, I also had to cope with copious amounts of school work. I didn’t do myself any particular favours by choosing Core Maths and Physical Sciences, both of which I struggled through even up until my final papers for the subjects, but I did need them in order to apply for my university course of choice, without needing a bridging course.

At the beginning of 2018 I was introduced to Body Stress Release.  The sessions were extremely helpful since I tend to store stress in my body quite readily, as well as the added effects of a head trauma injury some years prior, due to a sporting accident.

After my third session of BSR with my practitioner was concluded, a sponsor generously offered to bless me with BSR once a month until the end of my Matric year. I gratefully accepted.

The results of regular BSR sessions astounded me. I was prone to stomach problems as a result of nerves and anxiety, as well as regular acid reflux, panic attacks and aches in my jaw, shoulders and hands. I also struggled to fall asleep and often experienced restless legs while trying to sleep. All of the above challenges either ceased completely or greatly decreased in number of occurrences as my BSR sessions progressed over my stressful months of Matric.

I managed to achieve well above the minimum requirements for the university course that I will be attending after my gap year in 2019, and I owe a large part of this to the wonderful help, healing, and relaxation that BSR was able to give to me.

I would definitely and readily recommend BSR to anyone who has a stressful lifestyle or health issues, but especially to Matric students who need some way to help them cope more easily with the unbelievable stress that Grade 12 brings.”

~ Submitted by Kathy Heapy