‘As a Mom – I cannot believe the transformation in my son – Gabriel – since he completed his 3 sessions with you! Gabriel seems to be so much more at ease with himself – happy, more confident and much calmer. He is sleeping better and is much more energised – he even gets up before me in the mornings – makes his bed and has his breakfast without any nagging from me at all!!

To be able to watch you work on Gabriel was such a privilege for me – and then to see the outcome…. Needless to say – not sure I would have believed that so much change was possible – if I had not seen it happen right before my eyes!!

I have spoken to Gabriel and he asked if he could also write something which I could include into this testimonial’


‘Before I went for BSR – I felt sore (in my neck, shoulders and legs and also got ‘growing pains’ in my feet almost every day and especially at night). I didn’t really sleep right through the night and often had strange and scary dreams. I was struggling to concentrate and focus in class as well – and started falling behind in my class work. I was stressed about the mid-year that were coming up.

My Mom took me to see her friend, a Body Stress Release Practitioner – I was a bit freaked out that she was going to massage me!

During my sessions with her I felt my body relax and was very sleepy – especially after the first one.

That night I had the best sleep ever and woke up feeling so full of energy and was so happy all day long. I also managed to work really hard in class – my teacher even asked me who I was and what I had done with Gabriel…

After my second session – I had no more pain at all. My shoulders and neck were not stiff and the ‘growing pains’ were just gone. I also felt calmer about the exams and was able to focus and work really hard to catch up with all of the work I had fallen behind in.

I studied really hard for my first exams over the weekend and didn’t even feel tired or get bored once!

My final session was in the middle of the exams and really helped me to totally relax, focus and get through the work I needed to do. Even though I am still waiting for the results from these exams – I am sure I did much better than before!!

I am still feeling calm and happy – with loads of energy. My appetite has gotten better too – I seem to eat every chance I get. I sleep much more peacefully at night and haven’t had even one scary dream in 10 days.

It really is hard to describe – but I just feel better all round!’

Gabriels mother also included extracts from an email that she received from Gabriel’s teacher. It was written after his second BSR session …


The email’s title – “Positive news you WANT to hear’

“I thought I’d make your day!

Gabriel finished his work in record amount of time in class today, and even asked for extra work….. He almost finished his second activity, then he asked if he could stay in break to finish it, WOW! I was taken by surprise! I gave him a chocolate as well as a sticker! 

He also handed in his project – BOTH the CD and advert. Then he was very proud to show me his ‘nuusberig’ and asked if he could do his speech first TODAY….

Wow!  What an improvement!!

Class Teacher