After more than 18 years in practice, I am reminded of something an even more seasoned once said.  When asked about the amazing miracles we are all privileged to experience while doing Body Stress Release, he said: “Every single client’s experience is miraculous.  Do not let the big ones get in the way of the small ones”. A small, even insignificant change, could mean the world to a client.  

Such a client, in her mid-sixties, entered my practice in 2015. Eleventh of August 2015, to be precise. Her husband suggested that she “tries” Body Stress Release. She did not expect anything and came with no expectations. Her words to me were: “I have lost the will to live. I cannot do any of my chores or housework. I cannot bake cookies for the church and I feel utterly useless”. It is not uncommon for us to see clients suffering from depression, fatigue or low energy levels like this.

She had a bad fall, backwards, three weeks earlier, as a result of her general malaise. Her MIP (Most important problem) was shoulder-ache and restless legs. She also found it impossible to bend her knees. She also suffered from tension headaches, but blamed her reading-glasses! She was losing weight, for no reason at all, and that made her fear a possible and dreadful illness. Being constantly tired and suffering from fatigue, she came in with a walking-stick, because she was afraid of falling again. Her words: “Dit sal my laaste val wees” meaning it would certainly be her last fall.

After her first release, and during her second release, she was surprised to experience “feeling” in her lower back, which “was never a problem”.  Explaining communication being restored and the lower back possibly being the primary cause of her “problems”, she reluctantly agreed to do her Tummy Tuck exercise every morning. It is an exercise that we recommend our clients to do, every morning, in bed, before they get out of bed.  She also mentioned that her neck was very stiff, after her fall, because she tried to stop the fall.  At this point she remembered (although I had asked during the first appointment) that she had a MVA (Motor vehicle accident) nine years ago. Her coccyx was injured. Both the old accident and the subsequent fall may have caused a “whiplash” type of injury, which could possibly lock in tension in the neck-area.  She still seemed slightly dazed and bewildered during her second appointment. Her emotional stress was apparent. Quite often a client’s mood and physical experiences “swing” during the initial three sessions, as stress unlock and nerve communication start to improve.

A visibly younger-looking and elated client entered my practice for her third appointment. No walking stick this time! She immediately proceeded to bend her knees and touch her toes!  The fact that she could now reach her kitchen’s top shelves AND lowest shelves, as well as being able to bake cookies and rusks again, was (for her) absolutely wonderful.  She then told me that, for the past year, she was extremely depressed and despondent. She felt that her life had no meaning.  She kept on repeating the fact that she could not believe that Body Stress Release could turn her whole world around. Physically and mentally.

I now attend to  her regularly, in order to maintain (for her) this newfound sense of relief. She always brings cookies!  She has become very active and energetic and although she has had a few subsequent falls and injuries, she maintains that “My kop is nou reg” meaning her mental disposition is more positive.  The restless legs have not made an appearance again, after the third session, and her shoulders only ache, when the grandchildren come to visit and she carries them around.  No more knee-problems and her stiff neck is completely gone. Also no more headaches.      

She recently had to undergo extensive dental work, and she arranged her visits  to the dentist to coincide with her Body Stress Release appointments.  I saw her after each dental visit  and having explained chemical stress (antibiotics etc) that can occur with such medical procedures, as well as the fixed neck position in the dental chair, during the procedure, she felt this dental experience to be her first enjoyable one. 

Practitioners learn something new from nearly every client. My personal lesson here was : Be present and be persistent.  Looking at all her prior injuries and illnesses and her despondency, it seemed,at first, almost unlikely that my personal goals for her improvement would be met.  She intended to go for a big shoulder operation, during the month that she started her Body Stress Release sessions. Ultimately she has had no operation, no discomfort and currently experiences absolute joy in her daily life.   Our bodies are amazing entities and Body Stress Release is the perfect frame of reference to display it. It is also the perfect technique to help reset it, after stress, for optimal health.

Martie-Louse Hunlun 

Vredendal – Western Cape (RSA)