A BSR practitioner based in Pretoria-East, South Africa shared this heart-warming post yesterday:

My youngest ‘client’ to date.
A whole 4 days old.His mother is my dear friend and BSR colleague who was told many years ago that she was infertile due to polycystic ovaries.

Lo and behold her surprise when she conceived. We attribute this to all the BSR sessions over the years.
BSR is such a gentle technique. She had BSR throughout her whole pregnancy up until the day before she was admitted to hospital and while she was in hospital.

Baby always responded by moving and kicking in the womb when Mommy was getting her release.

I had the privilege of giving Baby his first release yesterday to which he responded very well.
Mommy is also healing well post caesarian op – another result of BSR – speedy recovery.

Wishing them both well and looking forward to giving Baby his next release in 3 days time.