“I wanted to document my story of healing through BSR, to thank you, to show others who have given up hope that nothing is hopeless and to stand as a living testimony that BSR truly does heal what appears to be hopeless. That being free from pain and discomfort is better than learning to live with it. You, and what you do, are amazing.

Thank you for freeing me from ten years’ of uncontrollable incontinence, which started around 2007 and grew progressively worse as the years went by. I thought I was doomed to run around for the rest of my days wearing clothing that covered the fact that I was wearing incontinence pads.

The medical profession gave up on me long ago. A Gynaecologist I consulted once told me my incontinence was incurable, the signals between the bladder and brain were messed up, there was no surgery that could help me and he prescribed chronic medication. It did not help and made me feel dehydrated and slightly ill. Visits to various GP’s had me doing kegel exercises which didn’t help at all.

I then tried every single natural formula drop, drug and pill on the market, I spent a fortune at pharmacies and health stores, drinking herbal teas and tinctures but I still had no control over my bladder at all. I grabbed at every new idea that was presented to me to no avail.

Eventually I gave up hope of ever being cured and in 2015 I stopped taking all the mixtures and changed my wardrobe to concealing clothing.

In November 2017 one of my sisters injured her arm and shoulder by lifting something heavy. She was in extreme pain for months, and on recommendation went for BSR and was healed quite quickly, in a matter of weeks she was mobile again. She told me a lot of other health issues she had previously experienced had also disappeared after her BSR treatments, and those words jumped out at me and held my attention. I wondered if I could be cured of my incontinence too.

Shortly after this I began to experience pain in my lower left pelvis. It became so bad that I was afraid I was going to die, then I was afraid I wasn’t going to die, the pain was so bad. It prevented me from working in my garden, which is my mission, hobby, passion, love. To add to that my lower back started feeling stiff and sore and I was miserable.

Then one morning in March 2018 I woke up, decided I was not prepared to live like this anymore, googled BSR Milnerton and found you. My first session was a pleasant surprise, painless, receiving therapy fully clothed like never before, and I was entirely comfortable with your honesty when you told me you’d have no hesitation referring me to a doctor if necessary.

It’s ten years and ten months later, my incontinence is cured except in my memory, but that’s fading. Gradually and with therapy over the last ten months the uncontrollable accidents lessened, then became controllable and then non existant as I learned to work with and not against the healing process.

I became aware of my posture, what my body was telling me through the pain, the warning signs to slack off and slow down, to respect the healing time after treatments. My pelvic pain disappeared shortly after you did therapy on me in March last year and has never recurred, thankfully, and my lower backache only reappears slightly when I overdo things in the garden. And the truth is, BSR does heal other issues along the way, there are little miracles happening all the time
So… thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You know that in desperation you once turned to BSR for healing and received it. Thank you for having the belief and courage to learn this technique, you sacrificed everything because you know that it works, thank you for having compassion for others, for helping them, for helping me to help myself.

In the future, God willing, I hope to see BSR as a necessary support and not a threat to any medical profession, because both humans and animals can benefit from it.

Love and best wishes


~ Submitted by Sarah Davies